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Spreading Smiles Beyond Our Doors

At New Horizon Institute, our genuine care for others goes far beyond our practice walls. That’s why we’ve established multiple partnerships with local non-profits that change lives in our own communities. Together, we can empower individuals, strengthen small businesses, and pave the way to flourishing health for all in need of low income dentistry in Maricopa County. The next time you step into our office or make a donation, you can feel great knowing that New Horizon Institute is taking active steps to better the communities we call home.

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Local First Arizona

Helping Small Businesses Thrive In Gilbert

New Horizon Institute is proud to be a part of the Gilbert community, a town built by hard-working small business owners from all walks of life. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Local First Arizona, a non-profit organization that supports independent, locally owned businesses from around the state. By providing resources, events, community support groups and more, Local First Arizona plays a key role in strengthening our local economy and building the vibrant Gilbert community we’re proud to call home.

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Alliance of Arizona

Unifying Non-profits Across The State

As a 501c3-designated non-profit clinic, New Horizon Institute understands the nuances and challenges that non-profit organizations can experience. By cultivating a partnership with Alliance of Arizona, we’re able to assist the needs of more than 20,000 non-profit organizations within the state. Alliance of Arizona provides advocacy, education, and key resources tailored specifically for non-profit teams so that they can continue to make a significant impact on their community.

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Smiles and Beyond

Transforming Smiles For Victims Of Abuse

Our team shares the same core mission as Smiles and Beyond, a Phoenix-based non-profit dedicated to restoring the smiles of abuse victims and formerly incarcerated individuals who are committed to rebuilding their lives. Through our partnership, Smiles and Beyond introduces us to 10 patients in need of significant restorative work, which we provide at no cost. To give you an inside look behind the story of a brand new smile, we are filming a documentary that follows the journey of a patient at New Horizon Institute. Stay tuned for the trailer soon!

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Phoenix Rescue Mission

New Smiles, New Beginnings

Each year, the Phoenix Rescue Mission lifts hundreds of men, women, and families from the clutches of poverty, hunger, and homelessness. By offering long-term, comprehensive solutions, individuals can get back on their feet and start a new chapter. We are partnering with the Phoenix Rescue Mission to offer full mouth reconstruction to 10 individuals who have made significant progress on rebuilding their lives. It’s our honor to play a part in empowering these lives with bright smiles so they can have even brighter futures.

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