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If you require a dental extraction but are worried about the cost, New Horizon Institute has you covered. Our prices are affordable and are only a fraction of what a private practice usually charges, and we don’t cut back on the quality of our services. If you also need extra financing opportunities, please check out our variety of budget-friendly solutions.

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The Dental Extraction Process

There are 2 types of dental extractions: simple, and surgical, for when the teeth have not erupted in the mouth, like in the case of wisdom teeth.

In any type of dental extraction, the dental surgeon will first numb your tooth to make sure you don’t feel anything during the procedure. The tooth is then pulled out of the socket with forceps and removes any tooth fragments that might still be present. After, they will place a folded gauze over the site, and ask you to bite down to control the bleeding. The surgeon will also offer at-home care tips to make sure the site heals properly.

Options For Dental Extractions

New Horizon Institute offers three extraction options: basic, wisdom teeth, and impacted wisdom teeth. No matter which one you need, getting the procedure at New Horizon Institute will ensure you access an affordable and safe way to remove a tooth. If you’re not sure whether you need an extraction, our New Horizon Dental Center in Maricopa County can help provide more recommendations following a consultation.

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A basic extraction removes any tooth that has been loosened or otherwise damaged. Your oral surgeon will use forceps to loosen and pull the tooth. While your low income dentist in Maricopa County, AZ will always try to save your tooth first, an extraction may be necessary for teeth that have been severely compromised by injuries, gum disease, or decay.

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Wisdom Teeth

Some wisdom teeth can be fully or partially erupted when they need to be extracted, in which case your oral surgeon can either perform a basic extraction or make a small incision on the tissue covering it to be able to pull the wisdom tooth.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth means that it has not yet erupted from the jawbone. Apart from making an incision, the surgeon may have to shave the jawbone to reveal the tooth, and only then extract it. The procedure is a bit more extensive than basic extractions, but with the right at-home care advice which the surgeon will provide, the site can heal without trouble.


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