8 Reasons You May Need A Tooth Extraction

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At New Horizon Institute, we offer affordable care for patients from all walks of life in Gilbert, AZ. Throughout your entire treatment process, our dental team will always do their best to restore and repair your teeth. In some cases, a tooth extraction may be the best way to get you out of pain and prevent further complications. Wondering why we may recommend an extraction? Here are eight of the most common reasons that you may need to have one or more of your teeth extracted at New Horizon Institute.

1. Overcrowding

If you have a small mouth or narrow palate, your teeth may be crowded together, causing issues with your bite and your oral health. Along with proper orthodontic treatment, extracting one or more of your natural teeth may be a good way to reduce overcrowding and straighten your teeth.

2. Tooth Impaction

Tooth impaction happens most frequently to the wisdom teeth, which are our third set of molars. In tooth impaction, the tooth gets “stuck” when it’s partially erupted from the gums, which can lead to a lot of oral health complications. A tooth extraction helps eliminate these complications.

3. Gum Disease

If you have extensive gum disease that has damaged your teeth, it may not be possible to save them. If this is the case, pulling your teeth and replacing them with dentures or dental implants is typically the best way to restore your oral health.

4. Malformed Teeth

Due to genetic factors, some people may have one or more unhealthy and malformed teeth. If it’s not possible to treat the tooth with a crown or similar treatments, it may be necessary to extract it and replace it.

5. Severely Fractured Or Chipped Teeth

Most of the time, fractured and chipped teeth can be saved. But in cases of severe dental trauma and damage, there may not be enough tooth material remaining to save the tooth, and an extraction may be required.

6. Tooth Infection

If you don’t get a root canal to treat your tooth infection, the infection will continue to get worse. After a certain point, it’s no longer possible to save your tooth with a root canal, and an extraction will be needed to eliminate your pain and prevent further oral health complications.

7. Preparing For Braces

If you’re preparing for orthodontic treatment with braces, it may sometimes be necessary to pull one or more of your teeth, especially if you have severe problems with crooked teeth and improper bite alignment. 

8. Preparing For Dental Implants Or Dentures

In some cases, it may be necessary to pull one or more teeth to prepare for further dental treatments. For example, if you’re getting a full mouth of dentures, you’ll need all of your remaining teeth to be pulled, since your dentures must fit precisely over your gums.

What To Expect From The Tooth Extraction Recovery Process

It takes about two weeks to fully heal from a tooth extraction, but you can usually get back to your normal daily routine within a day or two. Your dentist at New Horizon Institute will also provide you with a full set of recovery instructions. Follow these to avoid complications and make sure your recovery goes smoothly.

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