Is Your Fear Of The Dentist Keeping You From Getting Dental Care?

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Dental care can be scary. Whether you’re nervous about your upcoming oral surgery, you’ve had a bad experience with dental care in the past, or you’re worried about the costs of your treatment, New Horizon Institute is here to help. 

We’re here to help patients in Gilbert get the care they need for healthy mouths, even with dental anxiety. Read on to learn more about how we make it easy for our anxious patients to get the expert dental care they need in Gilbert, AZ.

We Offer Dental Care In A Welcoming, Comfortable Environment

From the moment you walk into our door, the team at New Horizon Institute will make you feel welcome. Our dental team understands that patients often have fear and anxiety that can make treatment feel scary and unapproachable. That’s why we do our best to make you feel comfortable. 

If you’re nervous about any particular part of your dental treatment, you can discuss it with our dental team and with your dentist. We’re happy to help you figure out ways to feel more comfortable. For example, if you don’t like the sound of dental drills, you can listen to music or a podcast during your procedure to help with your anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help With Your Fear And Dental Anxiety

If you have dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is a fantastic way to fight back against your fear, feel more comfortable, and relax during your procedure at New Horizon Institute. We offer a variety of sedation dentistry options in Gilbert, AZ. 

Nitrous oxide is ideal for most patients with minor-to-moderate anxiety, while oral conscious sedation and IV sedation may be better for those with intense fear of the dentist. We even offer general anesthesia in some cases. 

Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Affect Your Oral Health – Schedule Your Consultation Today!

With expert care from New Horizon Institute, you can get the treatment you need without fear or anxiety. We’re here to help make your dentistry experience better, and to provide the expert care you need to maintain and protect your oral health. If you’re overdue for a checkup or need other dental treatment, call New Horizon Institute at (480) 664-2270 or contact us online to schedule the care you need. We’re always accepting new patients in Gilbert, AZ.

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