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Dr. Justin Moody

Founder of New Horizon Institute & Director of The Pathway

Meet Dr. Justin Moody, a leading entrepreneur, educator, speaker, and practitioner with over 24 years of experience in the dental industry. Since founding Implant Pathway in 2017, Dr. Moody has equipped 500+ dentists with the skills they need to transform their patients’ lives with beautiful, functional implants. 

Dr. Moody’s implantology journey began in 1997 when he joined his childhood dental practice. As he began to treat patients, Dr. Moody realized that dentures, partials, and bridges were not the superior long-term solution for damaged teeth. It was implants that offered far greater healing, aesthetics, convenience, and permanence for patients.

As he practiced, Dr. Moody recognized the implantology field had two significant problems:

  1. Few dentists were properly trained in implant dentistry
  2. Not everyone who needed implants could afford private practice fees 

Over the past two decades, Dr. Moody has offered a solution for these two problems through New Horizon Institute and Implant Pathway. Both institutions work in tandem by empowering dentists with new implantology skills and restoring smiles to qualifying patients in need. 

Even during his free time, Dr. Moody is educating dentists and enhancing smiles. He co-hosts Dentists, Implants & Worms, one of the implant industry’s leading podcasts, and places implants at his own private practice in Crawford, Nebraska. In addition, Dr. Moody’s Implant Pathway Study Club presents live implant case reviews each week, allowing doctors to share their own cases and continue to grow as practitioners.

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